Bring Your Zombie Brand to Life
2-Hour Introductory (coming soon)

We see brands as living beings. Some are welcoming and magnetic, but the truth is many are some form of zombie monster that scare customers into the arms of your competition. Find out if your brand has all the body parts to come to life and connect with the beating hearts of your customers. 

In this 2 hour introductory, David will dispel some of the misconceptions around brand, show you how your brand fits into your marketing and introduce you to the process of creating your own unique brand. 

About David

For 25+ years David has been helping small businesses to multi-million dollar companies, non-profits, and local governments move people to action though compassion. He has received 7 national marketing awards for the successes he has created for others. The one common theme: you are all dedicated to making a positive difference. 

How It's Delivered:
This online course will be delivered in a 2 hour segment allowing you to stop and revisit to learn at your own pace.

The Cost
The cost per person will only be $49 (plus applicable taxes). 

From Seed to Brand 
Multi-Week Guided Intensive (Coming Soon)

This is an 8-week online series that takes you step by step through the process we use to identify the beating heart of your business and infuse it into the beating heart of your brand. At the end we hope you will be crystal clear about your audience, your difference and your advantage so you can confidently connect with the people who are most suited to you. 

Your brand will be different from all the others because yours will have your own beating heart.

How Our Course is Delivered:
It will be delivered in 8 modules with Facebook Group support for questions.

The Cost
The cost per person is $997 (plus applicable taxes).